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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Becoming a Painter

One afternoon in the spring of 2015, I felt an urge to paint, suddenly. I had a clear vision about what subject I was going to paint, what colors I was going to apply, and what the elements I was going to form in a painting.  Without a formal training in oil painting, I wasn't sure what kind of outcome was going to be, but this urge inside of me pushed me to get the materials I needed for painting immediately. I went to a Ross store nearby to see if they carry those materials, because I wasn't sure about my ability to paint, I didn't want to go to an art supply store.  To my surprise, Ross did have some basic materials I needed for painting! Without a hesitation, I grabbed several stretched canvases, along with a brush set and a color set for beginners, then rushed back home. 

And, since then, I have been painting!

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