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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

                                               The Circle Theory- the Project Sixes & Sixties #11, 2021

                                                                Dimensions: 144 ins. (w) x 48 ins. (h)

Notes on “The Circle Theory- the Project Sixes & Sixties #11”:

About 25 some years ago, I took my son to visit my father in Shanghai. The very next morning I remembered it was the Lantern Festival in China and everyone would eat some sweet sticky rice balls, usually filled with sesame paste or red bean paste. The sweet sticky rice balls resample the family reunion, so my father cooked some and we sat down around the table. My father first scooped a couple of the sweet sticky rice balls into my son's small bowl, I said to him that children grew up in America don't like to eat those. My father went to silence. Right away, I felt I made a mistake! It wasn't about food, it's about reunion, and that, my father had been long for! And how senseless I was!

Since then, every time I eat sweet sticky rice balls, I remember the scene with my father that morning. So this group of paintings is to dedicate to my father, to those who loved me, and to those I love. A feeling of love from someone and to someone is the best way of reunion!

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