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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Circle Theory - the Project Sixes & Sixties #6, 2021
Dimensions: 192 ins. (w) x 48 ins. (h)

Notes 0n “ The Circle Theory- the project sixes & sixties #6”:


the broader vision, the more to see, even to the unseen;

the more to see, the more to learn, even to the unknown;

the more to learn, the more to understand, even to the incomprehensible;

the more to understand, the more to create, even to the unthinkable.

How wide one's vision would significantly effects his view to the world around him. So,

the more one is to see,

the more one is to learn;

the more one is to learn,

the more one is to understand;

the more one is to understand,

the more one is to be a round one.


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